Wholesale/Resale Inquiries

We offer wholesale discounts to merchants who wish to resell our products.

Discounts are based on the size of your order, and are as follows:

Order size Discount Discount Code What You Pay After Discounts
$1000+ 15% BULK15 $850
$2000+ 20% BULK 20 $1600
$3000+ 25% BULK 25 $2250

You can apply these discounts by typing in the discount code at checkout.

Because we keep products in multiple warehouses, we are not able to ship everything in one shipment. (You would also have to pay customs duties if we shipped everything together.) 

You can make a bulk order at any time. You don't need to contact us before ordering. However, we are happy to answer any questions. Please email us at hello@haulliday.com - we typically respond within 24 hours.